Tour delivers great Gourmet Food and Wine Tasting eperience!

Autumn in Auckland can be wet and wild but is perfect for the Gourmet Food and Wine Tasting Tour. You will be tucked up in restaurants hidden away where the locals go, out of the wind and rain. Of course there is a little walking but not too much and often sheltered by buildings. But do bring your umbrella though! Don’t let the weather put you off and miss out on this delicious tour, “the most fabulous food, wine and wonderful hosts you would never come across if you tried to do this walk on your own” Trip Advisor rating 5/5 by Deborah M (reviewed 10 April 2017). Our restaurant partners are now pairing their new release wines with the likes of yummy fresh figs just harvested. Such a special local treat as the season is so short!

Not a fan of Wine then try our Original Cocktail Tour! Same principle but tasting great hand-made “from scratch” cocktails in hidden away bars. You’d also be meeting with the bar tenders, owners and managers, hearing their story and explaining their choice of cocktail. Traditional cocktails and cocktails with a modern new take. You will find out that ice does matter! With Auckland’s fresh autumnal ingredients you will love the choice of cocktails and what this tour has to offer.

Experience Auckland’s downtown nightlife early in the evening so you remember where to go. Do either of the tours early in your stay and benefit from your valuable knowledge for the rest of your time in Auckland.