Micro Brewing Tasting Tours Downtown Auckland

The weather is now really fining up – perfect for a stroll around downtown Auckland and tasting New Zealand wine, local seasonal food, seasonal cocktails and New Zealand Craft Beer or New Zealand Micro Brewing as it’s known in the USA.

I want to talk about New Zealand Craft beer’s new statistics just released. Our local craft beer industry has sky rocketed with 200 craft brewers (only 60 in 2011) nationwide producing over 1600 unique beers. We won’t be tasting that many beers but we will be trying quite a few on the Original Craft Beer walking tour in the downtown area with your local knowledgeable guide. New Zealand is not really known for its craft beers (not yet) – more it’s delicious wines, because the revival of this industry is quite recent. However it is increasing tremendously fast with a beer lovingly produced for each and every palate. If you join this tour you will become familiar with New Zealand’s great beer history which was much bigger than the wine industry for many years. In small groups you will also meet the people behind the beer scene and recognise their diversity reflecting Auckland’s many cultures, tastes and aromas.

At last spring is really here….