It’s October 2016 and with our 9 partners we have some really stunning and delicious fresh local food and wine matches. These are serious restaurants often owned by the chef who take their job, creating masterpieces, to great heights. In some cases our restaurants are award-winning. Get the personal and up close treatment where you’ll meet the owner, chef, somalier or manager. Our partners enjoy using seasonal offerings and pair them with our fine New Zealand wines which can include Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and many more. This will give the traveller new to New Zealand an overview of our lovely wines and the wine growing regions where they are from. With our season now changing from winter to spring and soon summer, their menus are ever-changing and we never know what to expect, although we know it will always be delicious. There could be included a new vintage release wine expertly paired with spring produce and cooked to perfection. First and foremost our downtown food and wine tasting tour showcases Auckland’s unique character = diversity of cultures. Be like a local and go where the locals go. Enjoy strolling from restaurant to restaurant – some are hard to find but all within easy walking distance. The tour takes 2.5 hours in the late afternoon perfect for pre-dinner, although you might not need dinner at the end! You will want to revisit at least one of the resturants you have experienced to enjoy more of their delicious food. Our partners cooking styles include: Japanese Fusion, Asian Fusion, Modern Indian, Middle Eastern, French, Spanish, Mediterranean all with a distinct local New Zealand twist. Apart from culture, the inner city, known as downtown Auckland, also has a great story to tell both historically and geographically. Let our local guide show you what our city has to offer with our small memorable tour. A  delicious and unique experience which will have you remembering Auckland city and it’s people and leave you with a great taste in your mouth!

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