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We have great news and are super excited, as Trip Advisor has recommended Unique Tours. This is because our Gourmet Food and Wine tour is a favorite Auckland walking tour. A huge thank you to all the people who gave their time and effort writing 5 and 4 star reviews. It is super rewarding reading all the positive comments. And as a result the Trip Advisor community can make better choices and book tours that they will truly enjoy.

Latest Trip Advisor Review May 2019

Excellent Introduction to Auckland!

Review of: Gourmet Wine and Food Downtown Walking Tour in Auckland
On Mar 21, 2019, Mimi conducted us on a wonderfully personalized walking tour of downtown Auckland and introduction to the first rate eateries of Giraffe, Euro and more. Another couple cancelled but Mimi didn’t cancel the tour. Interaction with the chefs was excellent, pairing of NZ wines with the plates was superb and offerings such as beautifully prepared lamb, Jack fish carpaccio with citrus oil and grape, superb green lipped mussels (with charcoal-infused bread!), calamari with peanut butter, chili flake, yogurt, and much more, were most ample and artistically served. The walking tour was at an easy pace and her orientation to the city was most insightful. It allowed us to explore easily later on our own. Great job, Mimi and we highly recommend your services to others with an appreciation for fine foods and wines. Aloha from Hawaii!

Bird’s eye view of Unique Tours’s stomping gtound!


Trip Advisor Top 10 things to do in Auckland 2019

Coming in at number 8 is this amazing Gourmet Food and Wine Tour. Because this is what has been said:

“An amazing experience. The time on this tour flew and by the end of it, our tour guide Mimi, felt like an old friend. Three exquisite restaurants and some wines that you would never find on your own. Would definitely recommend and would do this tour again when we are next in Auckland ” by 53cecilys (Feb 2019)

“Highly recommend doing this upon arrival to Auckland. Our guide Mimi was fantastic! She gave us a wonderful overview of the city and the area. We got to see many parts of the downtown area and we stopped at three restaurants along the way. The tastings and wine pairing was terrific and well appointed. We loved the food, and the hosts at each restaurant were lovely making this a most enjoyable three hour tour. A definite must do in Auckland!” by Morgan S (Jan 2019)

“We (a group of 6) took this tour our second day in Auckland. It was a fantastic tour. Louise provided an extensive history of New Zealand while introducing three local restaurants to us. The food, wine pairing, and restaurant staff were amazing. I recommend this tour for not only foodies, but for historians and people who want to familiarize themselves with the history of the area. I wish this type of tour was offered in every city. It is a must do!” by KY Campbell

This is just a small section of the wonderful reviews on Trip Advisor, so don’t be shy and book your spot!

If you are visiting Auckland and want to get the most out of your stay and this wonderful city, this is a must do. Why?

Because you will become familiar with the downtown area and also get know where the best dining establishments are located. Furthermore you will know where to shop for essentials such as great coffee and the best ice cream. While meandering through narrow lanes and the waterfront in a small group with a local guide, you will learn a little about the history and geography of this area. Finally and  most importantly you will be treated to delicious morsels of seasonal food paired with New Zealand wines, whereby showcasing our culturally diversity.


BEST Auckland Tour Trip Advisor Review

“Simply the BEST”

Why is this tour the best? Here’s why….Trip Advisor review from Gracie T:

Auckland is known by locals and visitors alike for unpredictable weather patterns and it was for this reason that I was nervous going into our Unique Tours experience. Yes, the skies were grey and ominous that day but that didn’t stop the flow nor change our experience for the negative. My fears were quickly laid to rest upon meeting our incredible tour guide, Mimi, at the Ferry building located on Aucklands waterfront. With an upbeat and cheerful demeanour, Mimi started off with a bang by sharing an unfathomable amount of information about Aucklands rich architecture, cultural and culinary history!

My partner and I were two of four on the tour, keeping our experience intimate and setting the perfect platform for meeting friendly strangers who also shared a passion for food and wine.

Up until this point, I had actually spent a fair amount of time in the Auckland downtown area but was still consistently shocked with the “off the beaten path” selections Mimi had hand picked. Each restaurant was immaculate and well prepared for our arrivals. Seeing as the tour is scheduled just before dinner service, we frequently had each place to ourselves, not only allowing us to converse with one another but also to speak with the various owners, executive chefs and maitre de. The wine was consistently flowing and the small plates of delight never seemed to end! All courses were gorgeous both in flavour and aesthetic!

In essence, this is a tour opportunity that those visiting Auckland CANNOT pass up. It is organised, informative, delicious and fun! I highly recommend doing Mimis tour when you first arrive (as opposed to the end of your trip) as it will help you get your bearings around the city not to mention present you with about a million options for dining out.

Thanks for an incredible tour, Mimi! I will certainly seek you out on future trips to Auckland and make sure that I recommend you and your fantastic tours to my family and friends back home in the states.

5 star Gourmet Wine & Food tasting Viator Review

We are so lucky here at Unique Tours to be able to offer our visitors to downtown Auckland such a wonderful product “The Gourmet Wine & Food Tasting Tour” and lucky for us our visitors get the idea behind it and ultimately love the experience, as this visitor so aptly describes:

Date of Travel: 15 January 2018
“Mimi’s Gourmet Wine and Food Tour was ridiculously enjoyable! My husband and I really felt that we had won some kind of lottery. Imagine sitting at 4 acclaimed Auckland restaurants, basically one on one with chefs and assistants, enjoying pairings of delectable appetizer portions of some of the most creative and eclectic dishes, along with wine tastings to match. Because the tour meets late afternoon you seem to have the full commitment of the staff. Most memorable, if I had to pick, were the mussels dripping in butter and ginger sauce, followed by he/she cocktails made by the Auckland famous bartender, Jesus. The Wine Chambers reminded us of Paris, but the delightful Martina described it was really inspired by a German restaurant. We loved it all so much, we were inspired to continue in the evening at another one of Martina’s restaurants, Number 5, where we continued to delight in fabulous Auckland food heaven.  We could go on… but Mimi made it all such a wonderful continuous pleasure with her knowledge of Auckland’s history and her clear connection and relationship with the restaurants on her tour. If you are in Auckland.. this is a must and will provide you with eating out ideas for the rest of your time in Auckland.”

We are sincerely pleased this lovely couple had the best of times and is taking full advantage of their newfound knowledge of the hidden gems in terms of eateries around this downtown area.

Do this tour when you arrive – Central Auckland Foodies

Tasting Gourmet food and fine New Zealand wines – central Auckland
Summer is here with an early heat wave! Stunning, still warm days with the water temperature up as well – so fantastic swimming too at Mission Bay, but don’t forget your sunblock! A great way to enjoy the day and then later in the afternoon why not try a bit of local food and New Zealand wine tasting in downtown Auckland. Come join us for three hours on one of Auckland City’s Trip Advisor top 10 food and wine activities.
A relaxing stroll of the streets in the older part of town. Learn about the history and geography of this area and sip and taste your way from establishment to establishment. All this in small groups (maximum 10 people) with a local guide.
Meet the people behind Auckland’s restaurant scene. Experience Auckland’s cultural diversity through food. Go where the locals in the know go off the touristy beaten track, often hard to find establishments.
Get to know where to go for great coffee and where to pick up sweet treats.
Do this tour early in your stay so you know your way around like a local.


Best Tour….EVER! Auckland Top 10 five star Trip Advisor reviews

An email from a lovely Texas couple who also reviewed us on Trip Advisor today (a great big thank you to them):

Just back from the food and wine tour in Auckland. Mimi at Unique Tours was amazing. Her commentary on city history was great, and the food and wine sampling was amazing. She even arranged for us to have dinner at one of our stops, despite the fact that it was “fully booked.” We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone else traveling to Auckland.

Another great big thank you to Trip Advisor. Without you we would not have anywhere to post these reviews, sharing with the world what we are doing from a visitor’s perspective. Our aim was to reach central Auckland City’s top 10 wine and food things to do, and here we are at number 10. Our tours are small group tours with a local guide. All will tickle your taste buds and wet your palate. If you’d like to know about fine dining, hidden bars, casual eating or the best gelato in the downtown area – this is the tour for you! Go where the locals go to shop eat and drink. The tours are relaxed and easy walking. Tour duration about 3 hours. A great way to familiarise yourself with this part of town whilst learing a bit about Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland). Commentary on Auckland’s history and geography from the newest volcano to oldest hotel. Join this tour and you will see what Auckland has to offer. Meet the people behind the bar and/or restaurant scene. Find out about our cultural diversity through NZ wine, food, NZ craft beer and hand-made cocktails.

Do read our 21 five star Trip Advisor Reviews to give you an idea of what our tours are all about to see if this is something that you might be interested in. Perfect if you are staying in town and even better if you book this tour at the beginning of your stay so you know where to go, that way you can make your entire Auckland experience the best it can be.

You can book directly through the website or if you prefer through Viator or Expedia.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Micro Brewing Tasting Tours Downtown Auckland

The weather is now really fining up – perfect for a stroll around downtown Auckland and tasting New Zealand wine, local seasonal food, seasonal cocktails and New Zealand Craft Beer or New Zealand Micro Brewing as it’s known in the USA.

I want to talk about New Zealand Craft beer’s new statistics just released. Our local craft beer industry has sky rocketed with 200 craft brewers (only 60 in 2011) nationwide producing over 1600 unique beers. We won’t be tasting that many beers but we will be trying quite a few on the Original Craft Beer walking tour in the downtown area with your local knowledgeable guide. New Zealand is not really known for its craft beers (not yet) – more it’s delicious wines, because the revival of this industry is quite recent. However it is increasing tremendously fast with a beer lovingly produced for each and every palate. If you join this tour you will become familiar with New Zealand’s great beer history which was much bigger than the wine industry for many years. In small groups you will also meet the people behind the beer scene and recognise their diversity reflecting Auckland’s many cultures, tastes and aromas.

At last spring is really here….



Original Cocktail Tour downtown Auckland “I will do that tour again when I come back”

This lovely email from a happy group visiting Auckland. Stefanie was here with her parents and adult son. They wanted to do a small group walking tour with a local guide and learn a bit about our colonial culture in a fun and relaxed fashion. They chose the cocktail tour because one of the group disliked wine (Gourmet Wine and Food tasting tour) and another disliked beer (Original NZ Craft Beer Tasting Tour) – so the Original Cocktail Tour was the best option to keep everyone happy.

Dear Mimi,

Thank you so much again for that great experience. We had so much fun and the places you took us were amazing. My parents and Lukas told me the whole night what a good idea that tour was….

I will do that tour again when I come back and will contact you…

I wish you lots of success with your tours, it was wonderful….

The highlights of the tour apart from drinking cocktails, is meeting the people behind the bar scene here in Auckland and going to places where the locals go off the touristy beaten track. Having a local guide is perfect as you get that personal and super memorable experience, especially since the groups are small.

There is a good variety of often seasonal cocktails to be sampled all made by hand with local and imported ingredients. Meet the bar tender and the people behind the places visited. Familiarise yourself with the downtown area and know where to go for not only cocktails, but also food and sweet treats!

Three excellent tours to choose from, to suit every palate. You can book direct via the website or viator or expedia.

Go to Trip Advisor for more reviews:

afternoon cocktails

Taste Downtown Auckland local Food, Wine, Craft Beer, Cocktails

The emphasis is firmly on local Auckland food, NZ wine, NZ craft beer and cocktails.

Thanks again to all the lovely visitors to Auckland who have booked and taken a Unique Tour and especially for taking the time to comment on their experience. Bellow’s comment from Trip Advisor just a week old and shows more satisfied customers.

Tour not to be missed!
Taking this tour with Mimi is like an old friend showing you around their home town. From the moment we met Mimi we felt very comfortable and at ease. The tour is certainly a collection of Auckland history and the wonderful food and wine it has to offer. While visiting four restaurants, Mimi pointed out other restaurant and bar recommendations along the way. This tour is a must and as other reviewers have mentioned, a great way to get an insider knowledge to “off the tourist track” quality restaurants. Previous reviews sum up our experience to a tee.

If you like small groups and want to meet a local, with a little walking off the touristy beaten track and you are not averse to a taste of New Zealand wine, New Zealand craft beer or cocktails – these tours are perfect for you. There are three tours to choose from and we do still have space to accommodate you and your travel companions. For cocktail lovers we have the Original Cocktail Tour, taking you to hidden bars showcasing what is now known as Mixology! For the foodies out there we have the Gourmet Food & Wine tasting tour, taking you to a selection of supberb restaurants showcasing Auckland’s cultural diversity. For beer lovers we have the Original New Zealand Craft Beer tour, meeting the people behind the bar – hip hops! This is a fun way to see what downtown Auckland has to offer and also to get to know your way around this area. Your guide will show you what makes Auckland and Aucklanders special. The tours also include a brief commentary on colonial history and the geography of Auckland.

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Praws, Watermelon, NZ Salmon seasonal deliciousness