Best activites in Auckland 2017

UK Lions 2017 Tour traveller information for Auckland New Zealand

best activities Auckland Lions Tour 2017

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So what are the best activites during the Auckland Lions Tour 2017, besides the exciting Lions and New Zeland rugby games? There will be time to enjoy making the most of being – downunder. Don’t go home without seeing and expereiencing as much as you possibly can. The flights to the bottom of the earth are long and arduous – you may not be back. Not in a hurry anyway. So in your spare time have a think about what you’d like to do here and check out the best activites during the Auckland Lions Tour 2017. For instance, did you know that one of the best things to do in downtown Auckland is to experience our delicious food,  NZ wine, cocktails and NZ craft beer? It’s not the most commonly known fact about Auckland – but we are experiencing a fantastic foodie scene which is growing every week. It’s competative and therefore very delicious with many award winning restaurants and hidden away cocktail and craft beer bars. Consider a food, wine, craft beer or cocktail tour in small groups. This does include a geographical and historical narrative as well as the “famous” food and beverage tastings – all guided by a local with local knowledge. In two and a half hours you will be whisked around this old part of town showcasing what this area has to offer in terms of fresh seasonal food, cocktails as well as New Zealand wine and New Zealand craft beer. Go where the locals go and experience multi-cultural Auckland through its food. There are three different tours available depending on your taste. Book early in your trip and make use of your knowledge. The lovely Karen Wright from the Mirror group has just uploaded this interesting and informative article. Click on link to read this: