Another rave review from Trip Advisor Unique Tours

We’re almost there! The aim is to get into Trip Advisor’s top 10 for food and wine in Auckland. How do we do that? By giving our visitors the best experience we possible can. Each review gets us closer there and the last one did not disappoint. A great big thank you to the Pino family for their rave review on Trip Advisor:

Culinary Delight in Auckland, New Zealand “

yesterdayReviewed by WEPINO
A totally unexpected surprise!!! Mimi is not only knowledgeable in Culinary Art, but a tremendous source for the best restaurants in New Zealand. We loved the experience. The food and wine in the four restaurants we visited were amazing. Plus the history lessons were priceless. Thank you Mimi from the Pinos for a wonderful evening.
Also we have exciting news – we now have three tours on offer to suit every palate. We have the Gourmet Wine and Food Tasting Tour and the Original Cocktail Tour for lovers of hand-made traditional cocktails. And now the new tour….Want to taste our very own New Zealand craft beers and find out what you like to consume for the rest of your stay in New Zealand? Want to have some fun walking around downtown Auckland snacking on pub snacks to accompany your beer tastings and learn a bit about our history, architecture and geography? Then look no further and book yourself and a friend on the Original NZ Craft Beer Tour. Go where the locals go with a local guide and find out what downtown Auckland has to offer. This tour is all about relaxation with easy walking.