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We’re almost there! The aim is to get into Trip Advisor’s top 10 for food and wine in Auckland. How do we do that? By giving our visitors the best experience we possible can. Each review gets us closer there and the last one did not disappoint. A great big thank you to the Pino family for their rave review on Trip Advisor:

Culinary Delight in Auckland, New Zealand “

yesterdayReviewed by WEPINO
A totally unexpected surprise!!! Mimi is not only knowledgeable in Culinary Art, but a tremendous source for the best restaurants in New Zealand. We loved the experience. The food and wine in the four restaurants we visited were amazing. Plus the history lessons were priceless. Thank you Mimi from the Pinos for a wonderful evening.
Also we have exciting news – we now have three tours on offer to suit every palate. We have the Gourmet Wine and Food Tasting Tour and the Original Cocktail Tour for lovers of hand-made traditional cocktails. And now the new tour….Want to taste our very own New Zealand craft beers and find out what you like to consume for the rest of your stay in New Zealand? Want to have some fun walking around downtown Auckland snacking on pub snacks to accompany your beer tastings and learn a bit about our history, architecture and geography? Then look no further and book yourself and a friend on the Original NZ Craft Beer Tour. Go where the locals go with a local guide and find out what downtown Auckland has to offer. This tour is all about relaxation with easy walking.


5 star reviews for Unique Tours tasting walking food and wine

5 star reviews continue the trend for Unique Tours – Gourmet Food and Wine Tasting Tour of downtown Auckland. But don’t take it from us let Trip Advisor show you our latest review from just the other day…..


Reviewed 5 days ago


This tour is a must-see for all who go to Auckland. It is absolutely awesome! Mimi takes you around the city, showing you not only all of the sights but also finding great restaurants of all sorts of different cuisines to try foods. She also tells great stories from her childhood and life about food. These restaurants that you try are not your run-of-the-mill shops; they are gourmet locations with great food and excellent wine. A highly recommended trip for all!

Visited May 2017
So you want to do the best things possible in Auckland – the gourmet Food & Wine walking tour is definitely one of them. Enhance your stay to make it the best it can possibly be and get the most out of downtown Auckland’s food scene. Take a few minutes to book your tour now.
Also just to let the world know, eventhough it’s winter down here, it’s 16 degrees celsius, the sun is shining, the weather calm and the sparkling waters of the Waitemata enticing. Heres what today looks like.

Best activites in Auckland 2017

UK Lions 2017 Tour traveller information for Auckland New Zealand

best activities Auckland Lions Tour 2017

lifestyle; unique tours experiencing downtown Auckland wine gourmet food craft beer & cocktail tastings

So what are the best activites during the Auckland Lions Tour 2017, besides the exciting Lions and New Zeland rugby games? There will be time to enjoy making the most of being – downunder. Don’t go home without seeing and expereiencing as much as you possibly can. The flights to the bottom of the earth are long and arduous – you may not be back. Not in a hurry anyway. So in your spare time have a think about what you’d like to do here and check out the best activites during the Auckland Lions Tour 2017. For instance, did you know that one of the best things to do in downtown Auckland is to experience our delicious food,  NZ wine, cocktails and NZ craft beer? It’s not the most commonly known fact about Auckland – but we are experiencing a fantastic foodie scene which is growing every week. It’s competative and therefore very delicious with many award winning restaurants and hidden away cocktail and craft beer bars. Consider a food, wine, craft beer or cocktail tour in small groups. This does include a geographical and historical narrative as well as the “famous” food and beverage tastings – all guided by a local with local knowledge. In two and a half hours you will be whisked around this old part of town showcasing what this area has to offer in terms of fresh seasonal food, cocktails as well as New Zealand wine and New Zealand craft beer. Go where the locals go and experience multi-cultural Auckland through its food. There are three different tours available depending on your taste. Book early in your trip and make use of your knowledge. The lovely Karen Wright from the Mirror group has just uploaded this interesting and informative article. Click on link to read this:

Welcome German visitors tours Auckland Wine Food Cocktails

We completed the Gourmet food and wine tasting tour – downtown Auckland with German blogger and travel website guru Camillo Pfeil who, on his recent trip to New Zealand kindly reviewed us on his website Our tour was a small and intimate one, which is how we like them to be. For each person participating in the tour there is always a favourite among the restaurants and bars visited. For Camillo his favorite restaurant was the award winning Cassia restaurant focussing on a modern Indian take on their street food. His favorite bar was the new kid on the block the Caretaker – specialising in handmade  New York style cocktails. Most of the bars and restaurants of the tours are hard to find and frequented only by locals or those in the know.

It is often exclaimed “wow we would never have found that!” . Here is a viator review of the Gourmet food and wine tasting tour – downtown Auckland “At each restaurant a table was setup and waiting and were warmly greeted by the local staff/owner! Each location was a sampling of the unique food and paired wine from that restaurant. Our history lesson included details on the restaurants and the area. Can’t think of a better way to see a small section of the Auckland downtown and get a better understanding of the history of this wonderful city

A warm welcome to all german visitors to Auckland. Here at Unique Tours we say, come to Auckland and meet the people, eat the food and wine we eat and drink and really experience what makes us as Aucklanders tick. We have two options; for the wine lovers we have the Gourmet food and wine tasting tour – downtown Auckland and for the cocktail lovers we have the Original Cocktail Tour – downtown Auckland. View them by clicking here: Specialising in small groups and accompanied by a local guide. We will showcase Auckland downtown restaurants and bars, New Zealand wines, local seasonal food with a commentary of our distant and not so distant history and geography of this area to make your stay that much more informed and enjoyable.

Lions Tour Auckland Wine Food Cocktails

During the Lions Tour the best thing to do in Auckland

The 2017 British and Irish Lions tour to New Zealand will take place during June and July 2017. Are you planning to come to Auckland? Looking for things to do? If you are staying in Auckland and you’d like to familiarise yourself with the downtown Auckland area and its people, read on. You will visiting the best restaurants this area has to offer if you participate in the Downtown Auckland Food and Wine Tasting Tour with Unique Tours. Specialising in small groups and accompanied by a local guide. We will showcase New Zealand wines, local seasonal food (including award winning restaurants) with a commentary of our distant and not so distant history and geography of this area. This tour will make your stay that much more informed and enjoyable. Go where the locals go – to often hard to find restaurants and bars. Still not convinced? Read our trip advisor reviews here: . We have two options, the Downtown Auckland Food and Wine Tasting Tour and the Original Cocktail Tour for cocktail lovers, visiting hidden bars. To book click here: or

Tour delivers great Gourmet Food and Wine Tasting eperience!

Autumn in Auckland can be wet and wild but is perfect for the Gourmet Food and Wine Tasting Tour. You will be tucked up in restaurants hidden away where the locals go, out of the wind and rain. Of course there is a little walking but not too much and often sheltered by buildings. But do bring your umbrella though! Don’t let the weather put you off and miss out on this delicious tour, “the most fabulous food, wine and wonderful hosts you would never come across if you tried to do this walk on your own” Trip Advisor rating 5/5 by Deborah M (reviewed 10 April 2017). Our restaurant partners are now pairing their new release wines with the likes of yummy fresh figs just harvested. Such a special local treat as the season is so short!

Not a fan of Wine then try our Original Cocktail Tour! Same principle but tasting great hand-made “from scratch” cocktails in hidden away bars. You’d also be meeting with the bar tenders, owners and managers, hearing their story and explaining their choice of cocktail. Traditional cocktails and cocktails with a modern new take. You will find out that ice does matter! With Auckland’s fresh autumnal ingredients you will love the choice of cocktails and what this tour has to offer.

Experience Auckland’s downtown nightlife early in the evening so you remember where to go. Do either of the tours early in your stay and benefit from your valuable knowledge for the rest of your time in Auckland.

An irreplaceable introduction to the offerings of the city’s CBD – Auckland

This is part of a review from a lovely couple from Iceland who were a pleasure to host in February. It is autumn now and the weather is quite changeable but still warm. If the rain falls it is quickly replaced by sunshine. With the seasonal change our menus are following this trend and with new wine releases there is change on the horizon if not already implemented. Perfectly balanced seasonal food matched with perfectly chosen wines. Eat your way through Auckland’s cultural background and offerings. So, as another lovely couple from the states mentioned in a review “take this tour as soon as you arrive in Auckland, and you will eat well the rest of your stay!”

to book click here:

Top things activity Auckland City




We are warming up here in downtown Auckland and the Pohutukawa flowers are out in time for Christmas.

Our top activity in Auckland is a walking tour guided by a local guide and taking you where the locals go in small groups; our downtown Auckland gourmet wine and food tasting tour is a great way to introduce this area to you and if you book now you’ll experience our flowering New Zealand Christmas tree the Pohutukawa as well as New Zealand wines and gourmet food. Unique tours is now Qualmark certified to give you the perfect and most memorable downtown Auckland experience. Don’t miss the Pohutukawa flowering in downtown Auckland – book now!



Auckland Harbour Cruise Ships

Foodie looking for something to do in downtown Auckland

Want to find fantastic award winning top restaurants in the inner city; downtown Auckland? Why not go on a walking tour (small groups) and try 4 or 5 of them to see which you like best? We run 2.5 hours pre-dinner, food & wine tasting tours Mon to Sat with a local guide who has local knowledge. Check out our booking calendar and see what’s still available.