In 2015 we embarked on several tours in Europe and one stood out, a tour combining great local food and wine as well as an informative walk around the area.

Not only did this familiarise us with where we were and what we were seeing but also helped us choose local wines and food that otherwise would have been trial and error; in other words the tour eased us into an unfamiliar culture, was informative and enjoyable and set us up to make our stay the best it could have been. With this in mind, Unique Tours is about a new style of travel experience – small groups, local guide, local food and local beverages and for those who are interested in getting off the “touristy” beaten path.

It’s about getting out and about and walking to your destinations and finding those excellent hard to find award winning restaurants, who all have a distinct local theme.

Our tour is about painting a picture of our colonial background and its diverse people which now make up this country; and we’ll be doing this through meandering through a specific area and tasting our way through our local food and wine.

An experienced guide will share their story and will take you to places where the locals, who are in the know go, and for you to experience our unique multi-cultural melting pot, giving you an enjoyable insight in who most of the people making up New Zealand really are. Fun tours to do at the beginning of your stay – familiarising yourself with your location, as we show you where to go to make your visit more relaxed, enjoyable and memorable.

Colin & Mimi